6 Ways Young Children Can Read Ghana

Happy READ AFRICA WEEK! Tutu’s Storybooks is so excited that we decided to join the celebration by launching our very first blog post. Read Africa Week is so exciting for us because it encourages our BookPower readers to assess their libraries and stock up on all the newest titles. The first week of February from the 1st – 7th, is marked by the Center for African Studies at Howard University and Africa Access as READ AFRICA WEEK. Visit ReadAfricaWeek to find out more about what they are doing. This year Ghana was selected to be featured.  Does your child have any titles that celebrate Ghana in their home library collection? How about in their classroom or school library collections?  read-africa-week-poster-16x20

If you answered no to any of those questions then we won’t hold it against you. It’s not your fault. I mean really, how would you know? Do you find them often in your local bookstores? How many school book lists, public library book lists, or children’s book bloggers are you familiar with that include Children’s Africana titles regularly? Well look no further because we have the best Children’s Africana books about Ghana and 6 ways young children can embrace them.


1. Read Anansi storybooks. 



2. Read storybooks about mythical characters from the Asante.



3. Read storybooks about Kente cloth.



4. Read the Ghanaian version of a classic tale.



5. Read storybooks set in modern-day Ghana.



6. Read storybooks by Ghanaian Authors.


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How many more ways to READ GHANA can you come up with? Post your comments and book suggestions below.